Thalassemia Affectees

My idea for Mega Project was to help the Thalamessia patients. As we all know that thalassemia patients' lives depend on blood transfusion. Pandemic has already made many things difficult for the people, but these patients are also victims of the Covid-19 but indirectly. Due to lockdown and fear of transmission, the lockdown has been lifted worldwide without thinking that this has put thalassemia patients’ lives in danger because of a blood shortage.

When I talked with the President of Help International Welfare Trust (HIWT), she said many things can be done for these survivors. Because this covid has badly affected the patients and we don’t have many blood-banks facilities, especially for thalassemia patients.

Problem statement :

  • Lack of platforms for the management and prevention of thalassemia.

Pitch :

So, I came with the idea of Awareness to people about this disease; blood donation drives to collect blood for the affected ones. Money donations for the expensive treatment and the medicinal facility to those who cannot buy it independently. Testing the individual to know either they are having any major or minor antigens of thalassemia. With these ideas, I thought to give these patients sustainability to lead their lives ahead. Plus, starting a joint venture with an organization with patients inestimable can help cater to most patients.

This has been my idea for the mega project while keeping in mind to impact society and the affectees.



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Warda Nizam

A pharmacy student, who is trying to live extraordinary life in this ordinary world.